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Dallas Cowboys Win 33 – 20 over New York – It's About Time!

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett

 This has been one depressing season. No one likes to see their team lose, but whats worse is to be embarrassed. Besides our losing streak, our Quarterback is injured, Head Coach fired, and our Fan base demoralized. Up until todays win over the New York Giants, our record was 1-7. I am hoping that this is a come back. Dallas Cowboy fans are known for being fair-weather fans. When they win we love the Cowboys but when they lose its not uncommon to hear someone yell Dallas Sucks! I don’t think that even a miracle will land us a Superbowl this year, it’s damn near impossible. At least we may be able to end the season with dignity. Better yet perhaps Jason Garrett will set us up for a winning season next year. Go Cowboys!

The Dallas Cowboys – America's Team – My Team

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. I was happy to see this team win against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. They have been jokingly called the “Aints” for years as they have never won a Super Bowl. I don’t think that this ever bothered their fans so much. Win or lose they always find a reason to celebrate. New Orleans has always been known as “The Big Easy” although I think that this is one place where things aren’t always so easy. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 it exposed years of neglect. I cannot think of another city that could use and deserve to win the title of Super Bowl Champion. While grateful for the Saints win I have to admit my heart wasn’t entirely in the game. I am and will always be a Dallas Cowboy. Win or lose they are loved and hated. They are to the NFL what the Yankees are to Baseball and the Lakers to Basketball. They are an institution, a movement. To me they are the team that will always bring my family together. The Cowboys have always been a topic of conversation. They are the team we have always cheered for at family get togethers. America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys are the team that always plays on that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. The Cowboys are the team that my coworkers and I talk about, as we make it through a long day at work. The Blue Star brings us all together. Now that I am older and have a past to look back at I realize that the Dallas Cowboys are more than a football team. They are my home, friends and family.

The Legendary Tony Dorsett