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Most people know of Fort Worth as Cowtown. This is the city that touts the slogan “Where The West Begins!” While it is true that the cattle drives of yesterday helped put Fort Worth on the map. The airplane took Fort Worth higher, further, and faster. The city built the B-24 Bomber that helped win WWII. The F-16 Fighter is also built here, and has become one of the greatest combat aircraft ever built. Besides manufacturing there has always been a large military aviation presence. Many aircraft and airman from the area have been deployed across the globe. While Fort Worth is a world leader in aviation the entire North Texas region has also contributed. The Fort Worth Memorial Air Park showcases this regional effort with Aircraft displays and Aviation Artifacts. The Air Park is actually a cooperative effort between the Forward Air Controller’s Museum, B-36 Peacemaker Museum and the Fort Worth Air & Space Museum Foundation. I met with a Museum Guide named Buster that had been a C-5 Galaxy Pilot and also worked at the Lockheed Factory. He was passionate and knowledgable about every aircraft on display. It was contagious as I would catch myself gazing at the angled lines of tapered wings and streamlined fuselages of Cold War Aircraft. All of these planes served us well and continue to do so as they inspire future generations of Airman and Aviation Enthusiasts. Please visit

A-4 Sky Hawk

O-2 Sky Master Rockets

F-5 Aggresor

F-4 Phantom

A-7 Corsair

OV-10 Bronco

F-4 Phantom

Ted The Gnome

Ted The Gnome

The Garden Gnome has been around for a long time. They have visited more destinations throughout the globe than I will ever have the privilege of doing. This has been proven and is extensivley documented. That’s ok I don’t mind so much, we have Ted. He is now a part of our family. I named him as my wife and I browsed the shelves at our local Target. He was conceived in Germany, made in China and purchased in the Great State of Texas. So I guess he has already existed in one form or another on three continents. I have a feeling that Gnomes are loosing their appeal. They have peaked in popularity. That’s ok though I may be a late adopter but I was brought up to “dance the with the one that brought you.” So Ted has a home in front of our large oak tree. The only competition that Ted may have one day is the Pink Flamingo. I doubt that a saintly St. Francis or a serene Buddha would pose any threat to our chubby friend. So Ted, with all that you have been through. I have to say, Welcome To The Family.

Mercedes-Benz Relic

While driving on East Lancaster in my hometown of Fort Worth Texas, I came across this beautiful piece of sculpted metal. It lay displayed high above the other wrecks that occupied the parking lot of an auto body shop. It stood out like a Thoroughbred among a field of mules. Most likely this car will never be restored to its former glory but I am grateful that its owner thought enough to showcase its regal beauty.

Chrome Grill

Starboard Side

Port Side

Memorial Day 2010

Old Glory Flies in Our Front Yard - Fort Worth TX

Old Glory Flies in Our Front Yard - Fort Worth TX

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. — General George S. Patton


Recently we went to a local German Restaurant that has been around Fort Worth for so long that it is now an institution. Edelweiss on Camp Bowie Blvd. I had been wanting to go for sometime. For one reason or another I just never followed through. I am glad I did as I enjoyed as authentic a German meal that one could have in the Metroplex. I was deployed to Germany several times during the 1990’s while serving in the military. Most of what I experienced could be classified as European as opposed to German. There  were Discotechs,Raves, Cafes, Posh Clubs and Swanky Bars. More Techno than Polka if you know what I mean.The Beer Halls of yore were no more unless it was a holiday or you traveled outside the city. However there were several times that I would dine at the traditional German Restaurants that always seemed to be located like Cold War relics outside the gates of the American Airbases. I was never disappointed with the food or the beer. Back to Texas now, Edelweiss hits the nail on the head. It’s as good as I remember the food, beer, and campy Bavarian atmosphere. Prost!

Edelweiss German Restaurant - Fort Worth Tx

Jager Schnitzel and Pomme Frites with Cold Spaten

Black Forest Cake - Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte

Snow Day

This is the most snow that the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has experienced since 1978. I suppose that makes it something for the record books. It was serene and beautiful and felt like a vintage postcard far from the time and place that I know.

Across the street from our house

Our old oak

My cold footed tracks

Snow covered windshield

Winter Civic