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The Black Angels – Live at the Kessler Theater – Dallas Tx

The Black Angels

The Black Angels wear their influences on their sleeve.  There is no denying that, but I have to say – that they have a swagger and ambiance that is native to our part of the world. It’s like the weather high above us or the earth beneath our feet. The sounds and rhythms they emit feel as though they have been conjured up from the native Texas soil and channeled out from the amps and souls of this great band to that of the greater beyond. Thanks to the Black Angels for  playing one hell of a show….

Thanks to Mike Modano – The Original Dallas Star

Mike Modano

To Mike Modano, thanks for bringing Hockey to Texas. You made me proud to be a Star. I would have liked to have seen you retire in Dallas. Unfortunately Seven Division Championships, Three Western Conference Crowns, Two Presidents Trophies, and a Stanley Cup don’t mean much to the powers that be.Yeah, Tom Hicks that’s you! You are a terrible owner that has no passion for Hockey, Baseball, or English Football. Apparently your word means nothing as you have done everything to hold our teams back. Like him or not if you had half the heart of Mark Cuban imagine what we could do. If anything you would not be one of the most hated owners ever. Best of luck to you Modano, whatever team you go to I am sure you will get the respect you deserve. No matter how you look at this, this is ugly. Win or lose I will always be a Star, but wherever Modano goes so will I. Give’em hell Mike!