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Recently we went to a local German¬†Restaurant that has been around Fort Worth for so long that it is now an institution. Edelweiss on Camp Bowie Blvd. I had been wanting to go for sometime. For one reason or another I just never followed through. I am glad I did as I enjoyed as authentic a German meal that one could have in the Metroplex. I was deployed to Germany several times during the 1990’s while serving in the military. Most of what I experienced could be classified as European as opposed to German. There ¬†were Discotechs,Raves, Cafes, Posh Clubs and Swanky Bars. More Techno than Polka if you know what I mean.The Beer Halls of yore were no more unless it was a holiday or you traveled outside the city. However there were several times that I would dine at the traditional German Restaurants that always seemed to be located like Cold War relics outside the gates of the American Airbases. I was never disappointed with the food or the beer. Back to Texas now, Edelweiss hits the nail on the head. It’s as good as I remember the food, beer, and campy Bavarian atmosphere. Prost!

Edelweiss German Restaurant - Fort Worth Tx

Jager Schnitzel and Pomme Frites with Cold Spaten

Black Forest Cake - Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte