An American Chimera


Is this the future? It sure as hell looks like it. Imagine if Jack Kerouac had to pay a toll while On The Road. What if the Dust bowl Okies had to pay a toll on the way to have a shot at a better life? The Grapes of Wrath, never would have made it to paper. To me America is all about open spaces, rugged individualism, and self determination. Although the American People are of many faces and ideas. We are people who like to be on the move. There are no boundaries to stop us from heading out west or to the moon. That is the essence of who we are. I hope to hell the America of endless highways and open roads does not become a myth in the American Psyche. Tolls are what Kings charge their subjects for traveling on their private roads. I’ll pay my taxes like any good Citizen to maintain the American Highway System but it pisses me of to pay a private toll for a road that is on public land. Heres to you my beloved America as I proudly drive the long way Free!

Welcome to the Toll Road

Toll Entrance

Another Toll Entrance

Heading West on the Service Road

Free Service Road



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