An American Chimera

Ikea Adventure

My wife likes the furniture and I like the food. OK I admit it I like the furniture too. We seem to visit at least twice a year. I know we are in Frisco, Texas, USA, but I wouldn’t know it. This may piss off the average Swede but the atmosphere feels generically European. No complaining here though, its way less expensive then a round trip ticket across the pond. I can pretend that I am a world traveler all day long. I can almost remember having the same feeling of sleek foreignness when arriving and departing from the Frankfurt am Main Airport in Germany. Ikea is proudly Scandinavian but this does feel like the Continental Europe that I remember from my military adventures in Post Cold War Europe.

The Arrival

Swedish Meatballs

My Wifes Healthy Lunch Of Salmon and Veggies


Cool Lighting

I think we need new utensils

More Shopping

They have the coolest carts - It's my job to drive it

Mad Dash to Check Out

I have been waiting for this part

The Car is Loaded

Time to Bring Home the Goods - Till Next Time


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