An American Chimera

Old Couch New Sofa – Score

Today I did what men are meant to do, move furniture. My lovely wife has told me for a while now that we have needed a new sofa. Unfortunately our feline daughter has a destructive streak in her. When it comes to furniture she is an extreme Vandal. Paws and claws have destroyed our couch so badly that we are embarrassed to have company. After years of blatant hinting from my wife we finally did it. We bought a new sofa. I was reluctant at first but things are great as our cat Sasha has been on her best behaviour. I never thought I would say this but I am actually enjoying our new sofa. I felt pretty good about myself as I loaded our new sofa in the bed of my father’s truck. There were a couple of ladies that had their eyes on the very sofa that my wife and I scored. I could see their humbled husbands look at me and think bastard. Not to say that I don’t know that feeling, believe me I do. However today was the day that this hunter killed the giant Mastodon. There was not much too it, all I had to do was be sure that we were the first ones at Costco. There was a time in my life when the futon was high luxury. It was the ultimate piece of many university bachelor pads. Now I know that this is no longer true, thanks to the woman who introduced me to high thread Egyptian Cotton sheets. I have to say that I  do feel enlightened as I notice all three of us lounging comfortably on our new sofa.

The Score - New Sofa


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