An American Chimera

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010

So it’s the New Year – 2010. It sounds cooler that it actually is. 2009 was a bitch of a year. Come to think of it the first decade of the 21st century was a bitch of a decade. So here it is another chance to tell myself that this an another opportunity to lose weight, finish my novel, work harder, learn a foreign language, get into graduate school, grow a vegetable garden, and the old stand by – be a better person. I think that I should put myself on a quarterly schedule so I won’t lose track of all my New Year’s resolutions. Like they do in the corporate world. Then I can make adjustments along the way. I can fire myself, downsize, lay off, hire, promote, and give myself a bonus. I can tell myself to look busy because I might notice that I am not doing much of anything. Heres to you 2010 may I not give up on you and myself before the first quarter ends in March.



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