An American Chimera

Fahrenheit 451

Oskar Werner and Julie Christie

Watching Fahrenheit 451 on Turner Classic Movies. You know the story, you read it when you were young. It’s the one that made you never want to destroy a book. It makes you think of those WWII films you watched in World History in Junior High or High School. The ones where the Evil Nazis burned all those dangerous books. The book by The Great Ray Bradbury is definitely American. At least it was in my American Mind as I read it all those years ago. The film by The Great Francois Truffaut is definitely French. This is not just in my mind it is inherently so on every frame of film that passes before my eyes. As it should be since Truffaut is a Frenchman. One of the greatest filmmakers the world will ever know. The story is universal because it has happened and can happen anywhere. I have to say that the most memorable performance to my eye is the female lead played by 60’s English Mod Girl Julie Christie. She played two different female characters . The wig did not give her away only her face.

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